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Polyamide Jackets

Peba and Nylon are commonly used as the outer jacket of the catheter. A softer, more responsive and flexible material is typically used toward the distal end of the catheter, while stiffer materials are used at the proximal end to give greater control to the physician. Zeus offers Peba durometers ranging from 25D to 72D and numerous grades of Nylon (6, 6/6, 11, and 12) to help you achieve the correct balance of strength and flexibility for your catheter jackets.
Structural Heart, Peripheral, General Medical, Endovascular, Cardiovascular, Cardiac Rhythm Management / Electrophysiology

Vestamid .260 ID

Nylon 12
Inner Diameter (Min. Expanded Inner Diameter)
.260 +.0025 -.0025
.010 +.002 -.002
Cut Length
65 +1 -.000
Extruded Special
Special Instructions
Sample Size
5 pieces
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