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PEBX Glide™

PEBA is a high-performance thermoplastic elastomer with elastic memory, better low temperature properties, and higher elongation at break than other thermoplastic elastomers. It is available with a Shore D hardness range from 35 to 72. This produces a broad spectrum of mechanical properties which make it perfect for catheter jackets; varying degrees of flexibility or stiffness as required. PEBX Glide™, our high lubricity PEBA blend, retains many of the same mechanical properties that make it attractive for catheter jacketing, but with up to a 60 percent decrease in coefficient of friction, resulting in reduced drag and enhanced performance.
Cardiac Rhythm Management / Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular, Endovascular, Gastrointestinal / Endoscopy, General Medical, Neurovascular, Peripheral, Structural Heart, Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Fiber Optics, Fluid Management, General Industry

PEBX Glide™ Tubing .120" ID .005" Wall

PEBX Glide™
Inner Diameter (Min. Expanded Inner Diameter)
.120 +.002 -.002
Outer Diameter (Max. Recovered Inner Diameter)
.130 +.002 -.002
Cut Length
48 +1 -1
Extruded Sub-Lite-Wall®
Special Instructions
Sample Size
5 pieces
Currently Unavailable