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PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall™ Multi-Lumen

Zeus PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall™ multi-lumen tubing helps simplify the process while eliminating multiple manufacturing steps and complex tooling by providing engineers a single, process-ready multi-lumen extrusion. Consisting of one large central lumen with one to four smaller satellite lumens, Zeus PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall™ multi-lumens enable advanced catheter designs with improved structural integrity, planarity, and other precision steering capabilities.
Cardiac Rhythm Management / Electrophysiology, Endovascular, Gastrointestinal / Endoscopy, General Medical, Structural Heart, Cardiovascular, Neurovascular, Peripheral

PTFE/PebaxSLW M.Lumen.125ID.0035MaxAvgWallx5Lum

PTFE / Pebax®
Cut Length
60 +1 -1
SLW MultiLumen Etch
Secondary Product
Tie Layer
Special Instructions
.0001 to .0003(REF) Pebax 55D; .125"+/-.002" ID of Large Lumen; .0035" Max Avg Wall; .027"+/-.003"(4x; 90°) ID of Outer Lumens; 2; VSL
Sample Size
5 pieces