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Tie Layer

Tie Layer is a new solution for catheter construction created to reduce delamination and ultimately improve patient safety. This ultra-thin thermoplastic layer is applied over a catheter liner during construction. Tie Layer creates a melt-bondable surface that improves adhesion to both the liner and catheter jacket during the reflow process.
Cardiac Rhythm Management / Electrophysiology, Cardiovascular, Endovascular, Gastrointestinal / Endoscopy, General Medical, Neurovascular, Peripheral, Structural Heart

PTFE/Pebax®SLW ETCH .185 ID .0015 Wall 55D Pebax

PTFE / Pebax®
Inner Diameter (Min. Expanded Inner Diameter)
.185 +.001 -.001
.0015 +.001 -.0005
Cut Length
60 +2 -.000
Extruded Sub-Lite-Wall® Etch
Secondary Product
Tie Layer
Special Instructions
Z3; .0001" to .0003"(REF) Pebax 55D; 1; VSL
Sample Size
5 pieces