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PEEK ES Mandrels

Mandrels support the ID of the catheter during the construction process. While PTFE and stainless steel are commonly used materials for this application, Zeus has introduced PEEK Engineered Surface as a superb replacement. Our capability to extrude micro-structured channels along the length of the mandrel increases the lubricity of PEEK by as much as 40 percent, according to independent testing. The inherent strength of PEEK provides a solid core mandrel while the enhanced lubricity allows for easier removal after the construction process.
Neurovascular, Cardiovascular, Structural Heart, Peripheral, General Medical, Cardiac Rhythm Management / Electrophysiology, Endovascular

PEEK ES Mandrel .066 OD

Outer Diameter (Max. Recovered Inner Diameter)
.066 +.0005 -.0005
Cut Length
60 +2 -.000
Engineered Surface
Special Instructions
Sample Size
5 pieces
Currently Unavailable